Meet Us at the Market on Friday, September 22nd!

Lots of fall vegetables are still available at the Open Air Market of Stockbridge. Maybe the last week for corn! Lots of cabbage, squash, peppers, potatoes, onions, carrots, along with apples and pumpkins. Honey, maple syrup, jams, eggs, bread and rolls, pies, cookies, fresh & dried herbs and olive oils, plus tasty corn puffs. Soaps, candles, purses, and fun art too. Granola returns next week.

Cindy Lu’s Kitchen is our Food Truck this week 

Market Music is John Hatton and friends playing toe tapping Appalachian string music from 5:30 to 7. Hope to see you there!

Meet Us at the Market on Friday, September 15th!

The Open Air Market of Stockbridge continues bringing all the flavours of the season to our hometown! Pregitzers and Betty have sweet corn, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, squash, pumpkins, pears, apples and so much more. Beemers return with honey, eggs, jams and zucchini bread. Shannon is back with Granola, Mark with maple syrup, and Suzi has bread, rolls, pies, cookies and coffee cake. Mama Mary has fresh and dried herbs (and knitted items too) and Taste of Petra with fabulous olive oils and other tastes of Jordan. Paula’s corn puffs come in many varieties! Denise brings her soaps, candles, lotions and the cutest purses and wallets you have ever seen! Carolyn with her “makes you smile art” and now you know you are at the Market on the Square!

We welcome Brian Raus to perform for the Market Music series from 5:30 to 7 pm in the gazebo.

With only 7 more markets this season, come out and enjoy what we have to offer and help us close out our 13th season with you. As the light begins to fade watch us shorten our hours, but not until mid October. We still have more music and food trucks to come in the weeks ahead. Thank you all.

Below are some scenes from last week’s Market: ? Betty’s Bartlett pears ? Pregitzer cabbages ? Green peppers ? Paula’s corn puffs! ? Taste of Petra info. We are International!!!! ? Stockbridge PTO came to sign up Lamp Posts decoration sponsors and their Hungry Howie’s fundraiser! ?

Meet Us at the Market on Friday, September 8th!

The Open Air Market is sailing into September with the best variety of quality vegetables at great prices. If you have ever wondered to do with certain veggies, ask the farmer who grew it at the market! THAT is just one of the many reasons to go to our market Friday on the square from 4 to 7 pm.

Corn, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, kale, peppers, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic, melons, apples and more! Maple syrup, fresh & dried herbs, olive oils, bread & rolls, pies, cookies, coffee cake, corn puffs, etc. Fall scent candles, soaps and lotions, metal jewelry and magical art!

Kevin Brown entertains us from 5:30 to 7 pm at the gazebo.
Krystal’s Kitchen feeds us with her Chicago style BBQ.
SRSLY is giving away backpacks that you can decorate!

Join SRSLY on the Square in downtown Stockbridge for new fun activities on Friday, September 8th!

Below are some scenes from last week’s Market: ?The GALlery attends Market Music most weeks. THANKS! ? Dan & Mary Wilson with Larry Guenther in the middle enjoying the market and music ? The music by Kelly Schmidt (left) and Larry Parker was just right for a lovely summer evening after the storms of the week before ?

Meet Us at the Market on Friday September 1st!

The Open Air Market of Stockbridge is still full tilt boogie with produce and fruit of the season. Sweet corn, tomatoes, yellow and green beans, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, onions, potatoes, eggplant, squash, peppers, garlic and more. Melons are starting, and peaches, plums, blueberries, and apples are here too. Maple Syrup, granola, bread & rolls, pies, cookies, coffee cake, corn puffs, herbs, olive oil, and last day for Kettle Corn this season. We have soaps, candles, lotions, purses, metal jewelry, whimsical art for you and your home.
Full Circles featuring Kelly Schmidt and Larry Parker play from 5:30 to 7 with a variety of string instruments.
Cindy Lu’s Kitchen returns with her fabulous wraps, hoagies and smoothies. YUM!!!

Below are some scenes from last week’s Market:?Taste of Petra’s olive oil from Jordan?Suzi’s Market Meal with Betty’s beans and red potatoes, Pregitzer corn and Taste of Petra pita bread and olive oil?Gary and Tiffany gave us a great show?Some of the usual suspects in our audiences!?

Meet Us at the Market on Friday August 25th!

The Open Air market of Stockbridge is in total WOW this week with everything we have to bring to all of you!! Join us on the Square from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Gary Allen and Tiffany Gridiron will be performing from 5:30 to 7 pm. This is a must see as we are thrilled Gary is coming from Wisconsin and he and Tiffany can team together again to give all of us a first class professional show. Performn’t Miss It!

Pregitzer corn, tomatoes, potatoes, green & yellow beans, beets, broccoli, multi colours of cauliflower, cabbage, squash, cucumbers, oh name it, we have it! Betty’s Bounty fruit will include peaches, plums, blueberries, melons, apples and more. Beemer honey, eggs, jams, granola, maple syrup, fresh and dried herbs, bread & rolls, pies, cookies, muffins, coffee cake and wonderful corn puffs too. Soaps, candles, lotions, sprays, purses, fabulous fun art, metal jewelry and NEW this week – OLIVE OIL and Pomegranate vinaigrette! So perfect for great meals from our local farmers.

Cindy Lu’s Kitchen is our food truck Friday, and for several more Market Friday afternoons next month. Woo Hoo!

Below are some scenes from last week’s Market: ? Paula’s corn puffs ? Landon shows Josie and Mia his jewelry ? Multi colour cauliflower ? You can beat Betty’s beets! ? Peaches, plums and Paula Red apples ? Tasty green and yellow beans ?

Meet Us at the Market on August 11th!

The Open Air Market of Stockbridge on the Town Square will have everything! Join us Friday August 11th from 4 pm to 7 pm. We’ll have Pregitzer sweet corn, tomatoes, red & white potatoes, yellow and green beans, radishes, garlic, onions, peppers and more. Betty’s Bounty has peaches, nectarines, and plums too. Shop for honey, maple syrup, jams, granola, eggs, fresh and dried herbs, bread, pies, rolls, zucchini bread, coffee cake, cookies, and Kettle Corn! We have soaps, candles, lotions, purses and wonderful art.
Market Music has Greg Adsit performing from 5:30 to 7 pm.
Krystal’s Kitchen Food Truck is behind the hall from 4 to 7 pm. Like delicious Chicago style BBQ. YUM!!!
FREE TOTE BAG FRIDAY at Suzi’s tent.

Below are some scenes from last week’s Market:?Peaches at Betty’s booth ? We have Tomatoes! ?Zaneta Pregitzer showing off their corn ?Carolyn Pascoe presented Stacey Murray with a portrait ? Stacey gave us a fabulous show ?Suzi’s Market Meal: Pregitzer Corn, Betty’s green & yellow beans in a casserole made with Suzi’s mushroom soup ?

Meet Us at the Market on Friday July 28th!

The Open Air Market of Stockbridge will be on the Town Square Friday July 28th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Market is grateful to Stockbridge Township for the use of the beautiful Township Square. It is a lovely location for shopping, music, and socializing.

This week Betty will have more fruits and vegetables as they come into season, honey, eggs, jam, granola, maple syrup, breads, pies, cookies, art, succulent plants and more. Pregitzer Farms coming soon! Mama Mary Herbs and Denise will be back next week and Kettle Corn returns August 11.

Market Music artists Crandall, Crandall & Kroes hail all the way from Grand Rapids to entertain us.

Below are some scenes from last week’s Market: ? Outreach Christmas in July with Jo Mayer ? Josie Nottingham with Motor City Kitty face painting ? Wyatt wowed us with his unique succulent planters ? Another great audience…. ? …for our great Market Music with Jack Falk, Todd Perkins, Greg Groth and Paul Crandall ? In the audience was a 3 generation family too. ?

Meet Us at the Market on Friday July 21st!

The Open Air Market of Stockbridge is going strong in our 13th year as your hometown market on the square every Friday from 4 to 7 pm.

Like our relaxed atmosphere while you shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, jam, maple syrup, eggs, breads, pies, cookies, fresh and dried herbs and more. Our artisan crafters bring you herbal lotions and balms, soaps, candles, handmade purses and bags, knitted blankets and wash cloths, art, fun home decor and succulent plants!

Betty will have eggs this week. Suzi will have Beemer’s honey & jams at her booth. Kettle Corn will return in two weeks after Bart goes to local Festivals, and The Granola Girl will be back next week.

Jack Falk & Friends perform from 5:30 to 7 pm near the gazebo on the square.

Motor City Kitty will be doing the most unique and fun face painting!!

Stockbridge Community Outreach will be celebrating “Christmas in July.”

Come early and enjoy the market before the Township Movie night featuring pizza and popcorn.

If you would like to be a vendor and have surplus garden vegetables, contact Suzi 517-851-7437

Below are some scenes from last week’s Market: ? Denise with Betty and her giant garlic! ? Our fabulous audience enjoying the music and our comfortable market music chairs! ? Gary Allen Hicks and Jeff Erdman ?

Meet Us at the Market on Friday July 14th!

The Open Air Market welcomes two new vendors. Courtney will be bringing his variety of salsas to Stockbridge, and Wyatt will showcase his succulent plants in fun “vases.”

Vendors will also include Beemers with honey, eggs and jams, Shannon “The Granola Girl”, Denise is back with her soaps, candles, lotions and handbags, Genei maple syrup, Mama Mary Herbs and crafts returns, Suzi will have breads, pies, coffee cake and cookies. Bart is back with Kettle Corn, and Carolyn and Colleen showcase their art. “No Drought About It” brings us Rain Barrels just in time!!

Gary Allen Hicks will perform from 5:30 to 7 pm for the Market Music series with his guitar playing and beautiful voice.

K & D’s Southern Fixins will fill your soul and belly!

Below are some scenes from last week’s Market: ? Brown, Falk & Groth ? Motor City Kitty face paintings ? Tony the Tiger!

Meet Us at the Market on Friday July 7th!

The Open Air Market of Stockbridge will be on the square on Friday July 7th at our usual time of 4 to 7 pm.

Season produce and fruits coming soon! This week we will have honey, eggs, maple syrup, jams, sourdough and yeast breads, granola, gluten free baked goods and treats, pies, cookies, freeze dried candy and fruit, kettle corn and more. Our artisan crafters include soaps, candles, herbal lotions, framed art, handbags, and beeswax wraps.

Vendors include: Beemer’s Farm Ventures, The Granola Girl, Hahn Family Goods, Cox & Byington Homestead, Travka Herbals, NPC Kettle Corn, Breadzilla and Pie Face by Suzi, Samuel’s Soaps and Candles, Whimsical Art by Carolyn, and Colleen Redfield art. Returning next week will be Genei Sugarbush and Mama Mary’s Herbs and Crafts, and Hankrajewel American Art jewelry.

Brown, Falk & Groth play for our Market Music series from 5:30 to 7 pm.

SRSLY is joining us with an extravaganza of games and fun.
Motor City Kitty will do fabulous face painting on kids and adults!!

Our Food Truck with week is Heather’s Mobile Kitchen returning with her delicious recipes! YUM!!

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Live music on the Square is a fun way to spend a Friday evening!

Below is an updated Market Music series schedule for the summer.